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Hand Electromagnetic Induction Sealer

This machine is sutiable  to seal rib flat bottle-caps and bottle-caps with knob in different materials like plastic, glass and all kinds of non-metals. It also can seal non-rib pressed caps. This machine also can work on caps with mobing knobs and there is a 3 mm inter-space between the bottle cap and bottle up- end after screwd firmly. This machine is ideal for manufactures with small quantity and non-continuous operation.

  技术参数 Technology Parameters      
型号/Model DGYF-500A
供给电源/Power Supply 110/220V, 50-60Hz
耗电功率/Power Consumption 500W
工作方式/Working Mode 手持式Hand Type
适用范围/Hold True Scope 普通型平盖瓶口封膜   bottle neck sealing film for common flat cap
开关形式/Switch 按钮式感应开关                       button induction Switch
封口直径/Sealing Diameter 20-100mm
机器重量/Machine Weight 5Kg
机器尺寸/Machine Size 340 *290 *150mm

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