·   Pad Printing Machine
·   Vacuum Packing Machine
·   Band Sealer
·   Strapping Machine
·   Shrink Packing Machine
·   hand/pedal sealing machine
·   Cap Sealing Machine
·   Carton Sealing Machine
·   Coding Machine
·   Ribbon tyepwriter
·   Wrapping Machine
·   Blister Sealing Machine
·   Gluing Machine
·   Drilling Machine
·   Screen Printing Machine
·   Hot-stamping/Tipping Machine
·   Heat Transfer Machine

PFS series are hand impulse sealer and pedal impulse sealer. They are the most convenient and economincal sealing equipments for shops, families amd factories to use. They are suitable for sealing all kinds of poly ethylene and of polyproylene film compound materical and aluminium- plastic film as well. And can be widely uesed in the industries of food native products, sweets, tea, medicine, hardware, etc.

  技术参数 Technology Parameters  
 型号/Model                                                PFS100                                 PFS200
供给电源/Power Supply 110 / 220/380V 50-60Hz
耗电功率/Power Consumption 0.18Kw 0.33Kw
封口长度/Max Seal Length 100mm 200mm
最大封口厚度/Max SealThickneess 0.3mm 0.3mm
电热可调时间/ Heating Time 0.2-1.3(sec)
机器重量/Machine Weight 1.7Kg 2.7Kg
机器尺寸/Machine Size 200 x 72 x 140 mm 320 x 80 x 150 mm

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